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Transworx - Cloud Logistics Solutions

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has ushered in new business models in the transport and logistics industry. Transworx provides a cloud logistics platform enabling all stakeholders of the ecosystem from shppers to service providers as well as Trade Financiers

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Digital Academy

Traditional skills are no longer adequate to to address the ditial economy where AI, Blockchain, Big Data, and other drivers are central to the means of service provision and production. The Digital Academy provides skills and training development specifically related to the sector specific fourth industrial revolution

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The technological innovations inspired by the fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) are far reaching to say the least. Entities are struggling to decide which tecnologies to select and yet time is not on their side. 4Africa Technologies offers cloud logistics platform for various industry verticals such as transport and logistics.

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The Social Benefit Corporation

The social benefit corporation is be involved in social programmes as well as to encourage for-profit companies to identify social missions and demonstrate corporate sustainability efforts. This is particularly more fitting in a country like South Africa where majority of the population is now depended on social support of some sort.

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