Welcome to 4U

4U is founded as neither a for-profit or non-profit organisation but established as a for purpose entity, or Social Benefit. What this means is that the corporation exists primarily for the benefit of the communities it serves, it be social, business, academic etc.

As a benefit corporation 4U shares the values and aspirations espoused by B-Lab in specifically for the recognition of the principles of triple bottom line accountability for sustainability, environment, profit and people. No one part of the trio is to be pursued in isolation or expense of the other. It is for this primary that 4U is steeped in the fourth industrial given the depth and breadth this phenomenon will have on all aspects of human endeavour.

The organisation further upholds the belief that members of communities are in a position and should resort to coming up with own solutions.

In support of Innovation and Social entrepreneurship, 4U provides support for

  1. Volunteerism
  2. Starting or growing a business/project
  3. Securing funding for business/project
  4. Securing mentorship

About Us

We are a Special Benefit company established to foster environmental and human sustainability through sound and business practices. The organisation is comprised of individuals including volunteers and enterprises who share similar values . We adhere to the principles of transparency in all we do, empowering communities as well as businesses.