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Founded in 2009 , 4Africa Group Holdings comprises business entities involved in provision of innovative business solutions or services across various sectors .

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4Africa Group Holdings recognizes the importance of strategic partnerships to enhance the delivery model thus partnering or collaborating with other like minded entities in order to offer optimum solutions to clients.

Khomanani Business Solutions

Khomanani Business Solutions is an integrated , digitally enabled business development accelerator . Primary services offered by Khomanani include an integrated ecosystem for supplier and enterprise development from an "Idea" stage through funding facilitation to business operations and management. The service model is inspired by a collaborative ecosystem including local and community institutions such as learning institutions , local industries and commerce as well as private individuals as well as other parties from other communities from anywhere in the country , region or country who may wish to be part of any business or project. Participating in a Khomanani business or project allows for sharing of skills or expertise irrespective of geographical location. Support provided include but not limited to financial services, IT, HR and Operations management.


Transworx provides support and services to companies involved in transport and logistics. Over and above basic business management support, Transworx provides infrastructural support including to allow various players to participate in the sector without being constrained.

Waste and Energy Management Company of Southern Africa (WECSA)

WECSA is an integrated waste and energy management enabler providing support and services to waste waste management and energy companies.


The Sgela School Support Programme or simply known as Sgela was established following extensive investigation with regards to the digital migration in relation to the curriculum of basic education and the impact of this phenomenon on the teacher, environment, learner and other related stakeholders. The school programme is meant to provide support to schools by facilitating eLearning, efficient school administration encompassing all stakeholders of the school, it be teachers, learners, communities, alumni, school governing bodies , etc. The Sgela School Support Programme is a comprehensive one stop shop for any school or department whose vison is to adapt to latest learning methodologies and administration. This includes ensuring that that the school as well as every member of the school community, associated departments and organizations are digitally connected and supported. That teachers and learners are provided with necessary support for eLearning and administration.

Modern Tech Planet

Modern Tech Planet provides professional software engineering services to leading companies in South Africa. It specialises in multi-platform application development including websites, mobile applications, dashboard systems etc.