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Our various business entities offer product and services ranging from business support for SMMEs, IT , School eLearning support and administration, among others .


Companies or individuals interested in securing services from one or more of our entities, or alternatively who are keen on partnering us in extending our service offerings to prospective clients can register online.

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Should you or anyone you know be keen to participate in a social community project of their preference or locality can register online and we'll be able to match them should there be such .

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Community Projects

Khomanani provides for registration and management of community projects across various local municipalities across the country. The coordination of such projects allows for collaboration and sharing of expertise across various communities.

Of importance are projects aimed at improving living conditions of local communities across the country . It is for this reason that all applications require community representatives such as councillors or ward committee representatives to at least be aware of various projects taking place in their communities. But even better , for them to ensure that these community projects are given the necessary support they require.

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At 4Africa we embrace technology to enhance our services. Our collaborative platform allows for various parties to collaborate in order to optimise the value chain. While we cannot list the variety of technologies we adopt, suffice to indicate that our applications range from comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supplier Relationship Managment (SRM), ERPs as well as a myriad of other applications we utilise.